FreeBSD 13 + pf.conf + ezjail + teamspeak 3 server + steamcmd with linux compatibility

Good afternoon everyone,

I am running FreeBSD 13.1-RC3 on Dell PowerEdge 1950 for my home network. I am trying to setup teamspeak 3 server and some gaming servers using steamcmd inside jail. I have managed to run teamspeak 3 on host but everytime I run in jail I receive an error:

2022-05-13 11:07:42.063716|ERROR   |FileManager   |   |bind failed on XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:30033; reason: Can't assign requested address
2022-05-13 11:07:42.063785|CRITICAL|VirtualSvrMgr |   |Could not start file manager 258 no network port available

On host machine I have following line in pf.conf:

rdr pass on $wan_if inet proto {tcp, udp} from any to any port { 9987, 10011, 30033 } -> XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

Obviously XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is my static external IP address. As for jail I have line in pf.conf as follows:

rdr pass on $wan_if inet proto {tcp, udp} from any to any port { 9987, 10011, 30033 } ->

and for some reason it’s not working. Steamcmd is also not working due to some lib missing:

ELF interpreter /lib/ not found, error 2
./ line 30: 99862 Abort trap              $DEBUGGER "$STEAMROOT/$PLATFORM/$STEAMEXE" "$@"

is any sysadmin who is competent can help me out on Discord for example? I have no clue how to fix it. It’s 4th week since fresh install of FreeBSD and I’ve got no more ideas what’s wrong.


Did you followed Chapter 10. Linux Binary Compatibility | FreeBSD Documentation Portal correctly?