Firewall-less WAN-DHCP router

What I need is to have a non-firewalled DHCP router.
I have 4 or so devices that need direct internet access, no firewalls.

I have now tried about 5 commercial firewalls

  1. Switching of the firewalls on ALL of them also disables the WAN port, go figure !
  2. I am not interested to defeat the firewall and edit IPTABLES to just let everything through unchecked as the running but defeated firewall still blocks things like uPnP.
  3. Every DMZ I tried on these commerical devices has serious DNS issues, making the use very unreliable. Most ignore your provided DNS configuration. In comparison IPFIRE DMZ works great, but it is overkill to use a rackserver and an extrta switch for this.

So the only option is a device with a WAN ethernet port which is then DHCP’d to 4 or so ethernet ports with no firewall.

What I need is just a commercial WAN DHCP router without firewall. Anyone know of such devices, as I dont want to spend more money on commercial firewall crap.


You can always turn off firewall. Can’t you?

Did you manage to READ point (1) in my original post ?
Seemingly not.!!

So you basically just want a Layer 3 Switch with DHCP Server? Aruba/HPE should have those but I don’t know how much you want to pay.

That is exactly what I need. Thanks
I will look at the Aruba.
It seems to be difficult to get such a firewall-less simple wan dhcp router/switch device.

Any cheap and tiny computer (such as a single-board computer, SBC for short; not sure about microcontrollers, probly not) with pitiful specs will be just as good and eat even less power, if you can find one.