Firefox is now placing ads and here is how to disable it

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Firefox is now placing ads

Firefox user discovered that Mozilla Firefox is displaying ads on the home or new tab page. When you open Firefox on your desktop, an advertisement banner at the bottom page displayed. The advertisement read as follows:

What is this article?! “No wonder OSS is on decline”? Really? Because of one perk for Firefox users? It was not even paid for.

I’ve not seen these ads? Could it be because my home page is set to about:blank?

  1. It ran for five days and ended on schedule on December 30th.
  2. It was limited to users in USA only.

It is funny that a post like this was originally posted in a page with more than 3 ads.

I’m happy to see their ads as long as they keep firefox free :slight_smile:

Don’t want to troll, but had to laugh:

Heh… At least I didn’t ask to disable Adblocker or worse put paywall :wink:

I don’t believe in censorship. I think users have the full rights to use Adblocker as they are paying for their Internet connection and deserves privacy.

Similarly, Mozilla needs to pay salaries for its developers and maintain infrastructure.

There are no easy solutions here. If the content is good enough, users will keep my work running via Donations. The same way people will support Mozilla too.

I wish they (Mozilla) were bit open about it instead of sneaking ads. That is all.

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