EZIO: very fast bare-metal deployment for large scale servers

Bare-metal deployment for large scales servers will take lots of time to transmit the disk image to every server. In most of time, it will be linear time complexity of the number of servers. (e.g. It will take 50x time for deploying 50 servers while 1x time for 1 server)

So we developed an open source software to deal with this issue. EZIO used P2P protocol to transfer the disk image and cut the time complexity to almost constant time. (It takes the same time no matter deploying 10 servers or 50 servers)

We tested with 150GB disk image, 50 servers with 1G network. EZIO only took 2.5 hours to deploy all servers while old multicast mechanism took 3 days and 3 servers are failed.

You could get more details from the open journal which describe the implementation and benchmark result details.

Easy Usage to Deploy Disk or OS via EZIO
Using CloneZilla Live (version>=testing-2.6.0-31). CloneZilla contains EZIO in its Lite Server Mode. It will be most easy way to deploy your disk or OS via BT.

GitHub - tjjh89017/ezio: BT-based Disk Deployment tool (README usage is out of date and under development for new version.)

What about Clonezilla Server ?

Clonezilla Lite server already integrated EZIO as one of function to deploy machines.
You could try it!

But I’m not sure about the Clonezilla SE.
I will ask Clonezilla team to confirm!