EXT4 filesystem on large USB HDD with millions of files, should i worry about FSCK length? FS advice please?

USB HDD 16TB for backups (70-90% used by 7 million files, most of the size are big multimedia files, but also significant amount of smaller ), here are numbers.

I am considering which FS to use for such unstable(USB) & slow drive with many files, ZFS already got corrupted (said to be due to bad drive, port or cable - not found any tutorial/script that would tell me which), BTRFS is similar possibly like ZFS so i worry about same corruption of the FS. EXT4 has journalling and FSCK, but it is said “Fsck is no longer needed in most cases, excepted if there is data degradation (but Fsck is very limited).”" - but still mandatory fsck check may be too long to bear for me, question is if will happen and how often during my monthly backups and how long it will take, this will be cold backup drive.
Or do you recommend different FS/parameters of it? I will need encryption, may use LUKS (dm-crypt) encrypted and then certain FS on top of it. Thx in advance for the possible feedback.

Are you talking about ZFS or ext4? The linked page indicates ZFS.

As mentioned, ZFS got corrupted, so now considering replacement FS.

Well, corruption can happen on ext4 too. The only way to avoid this is to have data replicated in multiple locations. I have seen corruption on ext4 too. However, offsite or cloud backups always save the day.

Regarding the question regarding how long it will take to run fsck when using ext4 or xfs, it will be done within hours. Read this: Linux File System Fsck Testing -- The Results Are In | Enterprise Storage Forum

I hope this helps!