Double grep help


If I run the following to search the MySQL slow query log

grep -A 6 '# Time:' grep 'Query_time' slow.log | cut -c 1-150

And I get the following:

Qery_time: 41.976738  Lock_time: 0.000179  Rows_sent: 0  Rows_examined: 5579456  Rows_affected: 1639419
slow.log-# Bytes_sent: 59
slow.log-SET timestamp=1559638114;
slow.log-INSERT INTO wf11127ebf9250c51394951b8ec4b17ce

Is it possible to only return if the nth line has insert into?


Your question is not clear. Are you just looking to print ‘INSET’ line?

grep -A 6 '# Time:' | grep 'Query_time' slow.log | cut -c 1-150 | grep 'INSERT INTO'

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