Dell Inspiron 5570 fan is always working fast on Ubuntu 17.10

I bought a new Dell laptop and but it has a serious problem!
Although I do not run heavy programs, its fan is in fast mode most of the time.
I tried out fancontrol, i8kutils etc but none of them worked.

I was wondering if somebody has had the same problem and a good solution for it


Check this:

Does this helps?

This page says it is certified to run on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and image that comes from Dell It means if you removed factory Ubuntu, you removed some drivers too.

Another option is to run Dell diagnostic that is built into your laptop’s BIOS option

Thanks a lot
I previously checked the link at Medium but it didnt work. As I got, it seems that dell has customized the pre-installed version of Ubuntu and as I have upgraded the installation, the drivers are all lost! But as you may know, its not so enjoyable to go to 16.04 because of a lot of lacking features.
I searched the web but I did not find the original dell version of Ubuntu

True. I understand. Try upgrading bios. See if it fix issue for you.

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The following should turn off fan (both gpu and cpu for testing):

i8kctl fan 0 0

Set fan on low speed for both GPU/CPU:

i8kctl fan 1 1

What do you see when you run the following command?


For example I see following on my thinkpad x230:
Screenshot from 2018-02-06 01-23-23

You should see some value on Dell too:

thanks a lot and it hope it works

Yup, let us know how it went.