Connection Too Slow On Postgres Server

Hello Friends,
I have this server I am currently managing, Wth 8GB of RAM which I later upgraded to 16GB of Ram, Intel Xeon, With about 350GB Storage, Though we have lots of Datas with the PostGres and I keep increasing, But once more than 2 People connects to the server, using QGIS the Server becomes so slow, Any advice or what to work on?

Do you see high load when you run htop/atop/top for pgsql process?

Are you using DNS for pgsql? Can you find out value for log_hostname in your postgresql.conf. If DNS is not working correctly it could cause delay. Set it as follows and reload pgsql:

log_hostname = off

Thanks, I will give that a try and see once the Team came back with them, And also we always make use of VPN to connect to the Server, The Server was setup using Pritunl VPN.