Configuring Raid On Super Micro Server

Hello Guys,
I have a Supermicro server with 4 drives Each of the drive is 5TB, (20TB In Total). I configured RAID 5 on the Server and then install xcp-ng 7.6 on it. The first thing I notice after the installation is that it shows 2 disks instead of the whole disk RAID 5 on the local storage configurations interface, under current storage repositories like this “size 4616GB, 4616GB free”. Does anyone have a document I can read or direct me on how to resolve this issue?

Is it software or hardware RAID? For software RAID on Linux, run:

cat /proc/mdstat
cat /etc/mdadm.conf

You can run query:

mdadm --query /dev/device
mdadm --query /dev/md0 # replace md0 with actual device name found in /proc/mdstat

Thanks, I can see list of the devices from sda, sdb, and sdc, How do I merge them now?