Changes for unattended-upgrades tutorial

Hello. After I did all steps in that tutorial, email sending doesn’t work. But one time, when I uncomment lines for updates and backports repo in configuration file, I came with common sense, restart service after making changes. Believe it or not, email did sent when I do dry run command.

Do you have a working email system on your server? Check the log, and it will give you the exact reason why the email was not sent in the first place.

I think not previously till I follow DigitalOcean’s tutorial on configuring and testing postfix
My mail.log file has
From user to user, which when i initialize directory structure
From user to gmail for test email, twice
From root to root, idk why
Finally, from root to gmail.

What changes would you propose? Like setting up SMTP?

This line is to meet 20 character requirement.

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