Centos Linux - What sets the default command line prompt?

I need to make permanently change command prompt in CentOS Linux. How can I make permanent changes to the prompt and where does the default command line prompt settings stored?

You can set up or read prompt from $HOME/.bashrc file. System wide PS1 is set in /etc/bashrc

grep PS1 /etc/bashrc

However I suggest that you edit $HOME/.bashrc to set up PS1 variable:

vi ~/.bashrc

Here is my settings

export PS1="\[\e[31m\][\[\e[m\]\[\e[38;5;172m\]\u\[\e[m\]@\[\e[38;5;153m\]\h\[\e[m\] \[\e[38;5;214m\]\W\[\e[m\]\[\e[31m\]]\[\e[m\]\\$ "


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