CentOS Linux force systemctl status to give verbose output

I need to force systemctl status nginx command to give me full verbose outputs. Is it possible? I am using it on CentOS 8 Linux server. Please guide.

By default, systemctl outputs no data on screen unless there was an error or problem. Say

systemctl status nginx

Will print current status of nginx. What you need to do is use the journalctl command to read logs and errors:

journalctl -fexu {my-service-here}
journalctl -fexu nginx

Let us break down the command:

  1. -f : Show only the most recent journal entries. Like tail -f log.file command
  2. -e : Immediately jump to the end of the journal or log
  3. -x: Show additional debug information. Provide the administrator, user or developer with further information about the issue at hand, beyond the actual message text. See https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/catalog/
  4. -u : See messages for the specified systemd unit called nginx.

Services like Nginx stores error logs in files under /var/log/nginx/ directory. See Nginx debugging tips https://www.nginx.com/resources/wiki/start/topics/tutorials/debugging/

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