Boot of Fedora 29 failed - hangs on "Started Network Manager Script Dispatcher Service ... - Resolved

Hi everyone, I’m Italian and I apologize in advance for my approximate English, I’m new to the forum and I’ve been studying Centos for a few months, for the RHCSA exam.
In the laptop I have a dual-boot Centos + Fedora29, and yesterday the Fedora login didn’t recognize both passwords, both of the Administrator User and Root, so I looked (from Centos) at the Fedora / etc / shadow file:
# cat /media/Fedora29/etc/shadow

and strangely on first line I have found :
root : ! : : 0 : 99999 : 7 : : :

I know a double “!!” means empty password, but a single “!” on the space that should contain the password what would it mean? I haven’t found anything on the web.

Anyway I restarted and tried to reset the passwords like this:

  • I typed E in correspondence with the Fedora entry in grub
  • I replace the string ‘rhgb quiet’ with ‘rd.break enforcing = 0’
  • I give a Ctrl-X
  • It gives me access to the root terminal and I give in sequence:
    # mount –o remount, rw /sysroot
    # chroot /sysroot
  • Then I change both passwords
    # passwd
    # passwd alex
  • then exit -exit

However, upon rebooting, Fedora will hang on this screen:

Could it be recoverable?
I have nothing important there so I can also try dangerous maneuvers.

Thanks in advance

Missed some steps

Changing root password

That is lost on a centos7 system

  1. reboot and edit grub
  2. Add rd.break to end of kernel line
  3. Hit control x
  4. mount -o remount,rw /sysroot
  5. chroot /sysroot
  6. passwd root
  7. Touch /.autorelabel
  8. Exit
  9. Exit
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Cthood, thank you so much! It Works! :sunglasses:
I had just failed to restore the SELinux labels, it stopped for that.
With touch /.autorelabel it restarted without problems. :v:
On the tutorial that I had read,

he said to do so, but only AFTER having done the login again, while it was done BEFORE with ./autorelabel
Thanks Again