Advice: Does Forum Software exist not using databases such as MySql

Does Forum Software exist not using databases such as MySql ?
Maybe simple Forum software I can run locally on an internal network that can just attach images,documents and videos with chats and threads ? AND that is still humanly readable such as text or HTML without the forum interface in order that you can at least get your data if something goes skew.
Even html based storage is acceptable, just NOT databases please.

I had several instances over the years that databases just are not backward compatible and that forums and shopping carts just stop working after the shoppingcart or Forum software upgrades. the databases cannot attach but is not corrupt. It bit me hard several times and I want nothing to do with mysql and similar.

I lost too many carefully prepared shoppingcarts and internal forums. Maybe Forum software evolved to something a bit more rugged and at least have the ability that you dont lose the ability to connect to the database after upgrades of the Forum software.?

I just mention shoppingcarts also as the problem appeared there also and the common culprit is mysql.

So any Forum software I can run locally in an internal network that is NOT mysql or database driven, but uses something readable like html or XML to store the data for the Forum frontend.


I don’t think so. Maybe static CMS help.

Thanks Monk it seems to go in the right direction as it says; “no databases or other credentials to remember”
Thanks for the lead, I will have to go read up.

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