Viewing: Humour related to Linux/Unix and Sysadmin IT stuff.

Humour related to Linux/Unix and Sysadmin IT stuff.

Hey Linux user: Where did you two meet?

Fun poll: Where did you meet your SO/GF/BF:— nixCraft (@nixcraft) January 23, 2017 […] Read More

Awesome comic explains HTTP status code

HTTP response status codes indicate whether a specific HTTP request has been successfully completed. However, I guess you know that. If you or your friend wanted a refresh course, check out this comic. HTTP status code using doggo HTTP status code using kitten Taken from comics page […] Read More

Computer Security 101: Pray for it and hope for the best

Please do give your best thoughts and prayers for the servers. Thank you ;) (via twitter) […] Read More

Windows and Linux according to mighty Google

Here is a humorous take on age old Windows vs. Linux fanboy battel: VS […] Read More

Have a great Halloween :)

Here is a geeky joke for you: I was dressed up as an UDP packet for the Halloween. I don’t think anyone got it, but I couldn't tell. Have a great Halloween :D […] Read More

How do I learn coding in a single night?

Here is another funny image: What do you think […] Read More

Schrodinger Backups: The condition of any backup is unknown until a restore is attempted

A tweet about backups got pretty popular among sysadmin and IT community. The tweet read as follows: #Sysadmin #Truth #Backup #Unix #Linux— nixCraft # (@nixcraft) June 24, 2015 […] Read More

Google AI is a xkcd fan too and makes sudo joke

The sudo command on Linux or Unix-like system allows authorized users user to run various admin commands. Everything after the word "sudo" on the command line executed as the admin user. Here is a joke from Google assistant AI: I believe this gag inspired by this xkcd comic: Pretty smart, eh […] Read More

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